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March is going to be a great month tying up matter and ghost and exploring the result. Leonard Cohen has it sussed and we're going to attempt to do it too. We're tangling creed and kirk and consultation together to still live as the church but continue to reinterpret what church means so when you ask people to join you or tell them what's happening is organised by the church, they don't immediately walk away or stop listening. Tuesdays in the chapel 7.30 every week of Lent.


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There have been headlines all day about the retweets of various videos that are anti-muslim. The people involved is a story in itself along with how the spokespeople for the main players find ways to


SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER: We're hosting a fabulous Gala Concert for Beatson Cancer Charity in the church at 7.30pm. Believe it or not we've got: Alastair McDonald: the one with the mustache and banjo. And

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