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Luke 10:25-42

Here’s one of the big stories in the New Testament. It’s one we all know so well. We’ve told it and retold it since each of us were children.

But it isn’t necessarily as we first heard it.

There is one question Jesus asks that focuses us. Jesus basically asks the lawyer: Where was God’s love found. The answer is certainly not in the religious experts or the religion scholars. God’s love was found in the last place you’d expect: your enemy. So how does that change how we treat our ‘enemy’ or better, those we fear? How does that affect how we treat our Muslim brothers and sisters (who are as much part of the Abraham’s family as we are). How does that affect how we do immigration, or build walls, or the language we use around our conservatives that draws us more towards isolation and the prejudice towards others beyond our border controls that can so easily to along with that.

The Good Samaritan throws up so many questions. Rather than being asked to be the Samaritan, it totally asks questions of us about what happens if God is found in our enemy? Now that’s a piece of kingdom ethic and not the first interpretation of the Good Samaritan.

Any thoughts on hymns?


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