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Good discussion tonight coming from the Creed and how we sit with it now. Skirted through how we might connect better with people without dumbing down but recognise a more fragile God rather than an assertive faith so that we sit comfortably with the poetry and metaphor and image of faith rather than a list of certain truths.

Creed is probably not the best place to begin in introducing people to the church but there is the caffeine-free version of love God love neighbour and by starting there we grow into a fuller way of talking of the faith. We can attach stories to the Creed to help explain. Indeed the stories we have in our faith are ways people have expressed what belief and faith have meant to them.

There is very much a sense of belonging before believing. You don’t start with the creed. Create community and a place to belong and like children growing up which is perhaps the exactly correct simile believing follows through the role models we set.

We’re on again next week same time, same place with homework being Chapter 4 of the booklet along with some input from the Chalmers Lectures. See you then.


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