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What's happening that the populists are winning (except in Holland - thankfully)? It seems to be the way of it that populism is taking over our democracy and the more thoughtful, representative kind of democracy that considers all the options and remembers minorities when it decides what to decide is on the wane.

Without saying whether or not the National Insurance rise for self employed was correct or wrong, there seems to have been a rather quick u-turn because of a fear of a populist revolt by back-benchers.

We've also got more and more populist governments across the world where minorities and the vulnerable are no longer represented. Doing the 'will of the people' means those who govern are simply delegates who respond only to the most popular and fashionable even fickle will of the people as Lord Traverne said a few days back in the House of Lords.

As Marcel Lewandowsky says this becomes a dictatorship of the majority. Mature democracy is not doing only what the majority want but rather than a form of democracy that is more inclusive and balances the majority needs with the needs of minorities and making a more stable form of government.

The Prodigal is very case in point where the populist opinion would be the elder son who suggests the younger brother should be seen no where close to the house. The father is the balance that is more inclusive, and sees a healthy household as one where the minorities (ie the younger son, the black sheep, the one who had a different view from the main culture and traditions of the household) as included. The kingdom is pictured as an inclusive democracy rather than the populist authoritarian democracy, but perhaps more of that on Sunday...


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