Today two leaders very visually signed letters. One was Theresa May signing the letter that will take the UK our the EU and the other was Donald Trump scrapping the US climate policies.

Both are moments of exit but one is from a bigger community, the other is from a principle. Perhaps bother can be argued as an exit from a principle.

The exit from climate policies that cap CO2 is short term which is the way of populism: short term gains but long term problems.

The thing about faith is that it is in this game for the long term. It's what faith people do: they are tenacious, they stick around not for just their own generation but for the next. It is what we ought to decide in our voting and referenda: how will this affect the next generations. Populism is very short term and selfish usually.

But then faith has never been either popular or populist. Perhaps that's why we've signed up to it.


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