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It has been a bit of a day today. Following the cancelling of our festival the media has been busy retelling the story of the non-event from papers to radio. Everyone seems to have heard about it. Phoning up the council for example, just mentioning the church's name, the operator has a chat with you because she's been following the story and was coming to the festival too. So many connections have been made. Following an interview on Radio Scotland and articles in various papers it just shows you the power of a good story.

Of course, on the day after signing the letter that triggers Article 50, Mrs May must be delighted with us in keeping her out the headlines! There must be an insight to make there.

But that whole idea of a good story... the boy wizard is as popular as they get but perhaps, if anyone was to make a point here about faith, there is another powerful story which we know even better and has been being told for rather a lot longer. Perhaps it doesn't go viral across the internet, but then, perhaps it would if it there was only one opportunity to express yourself in that way as Potter fan felt about the festival.

Perhaps the spirituality of Harry Potter and the enthusiasm for a story about good and evil and how another's sacrificial love keeps you alive is, in a way, a hope and a possibility for us who feel sometimes the age of faith has gone.


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