Harry has left the building

Just to let you know we have cancelled the Harry Potter Festival.

It was all going a bit mad with thousands of people interested, 10,000 likes on facebook, people booking flights from Croatia and the US and Norway, people using the festival for their honeymoon.

Despite the attempt to try and calm it down, changing the images of Hogsmead on Facebook to Bearsden Cross in the rain and emphasising the local aspect, it just got more and more interest so we spoke to the council and police who were both extremely helpful and supportive but decided the safest thing would be to cancel.

We would also potentially run into copyright problems as it was growing so big. So there you go. We will probably do a small Sunday School end of term event that weekend as we were originally going to do and let Harry Potter fly is broom off to the sunshine.

I am so going to sleep tonight!


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