Not so much a world perspective but some words for this week. These you'll hear at the service at 7.30 on Wednesday in Bearsden Cross.

It was on Wednesday that love found out how much it was worth and who would be willing to pay

It was on Wednesday that thirty pieces of silver sounded so little for the betrayal of God

It was on Wednesday everything started to go wrong the conspiracy of the world took a step closer to winning

It was on Wednesday that Judas dared to take on God and force God’s hand but you cannot force heaven to play the role you want her to play The Saviour does not dance to any tune except love’s own so the angel armies did not appear and the messiah did not become a warrior and the betrayer found out he was just that

It was on Wednesday that those who chose love found out it would kill them in the end

And here we are caught between the betrayer and the Saviour and the moment love was sold out to the lowest bidder


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