The Same Debate

Some good news from the Kirk today as it tries to move into new ground on the continuing same sex debate. It has been a long, step by step transformation and it has a long way to go yet but leaving to one side the request to think further about allowing ministers to officiate at same sex weddings the greater headline for now is the recognition of the hurt the church has caused so many people because of how it has treated folk in the past.

This debate has been going on for many, many years and will probably do so for many more years yet. It is tiring. It is not good for every General Assembly to have a 'same sex' debate year after year. We are too scared of division to make a radical progressive liberal choice and while the church is not simply to mirror the world, it does feel we are becoming more and more estranged from the world with increasingly different language and ideas and ethics.

But this debate, in all its guises, is one about justice for folk who have been on the wrong end of the Church's prejudice and fear and for the church to understand the world more and to offer a more compassionate form of faith by engaging more generously with how we understand homosexuality today rather than how we've understood it traditionally. Then for the Church to decide what is actually important.


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