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Forgot to post anything last night, not that there wasn't anything happening. We ha various things going on yesterday (as always) with a session conference last night hearing about 'further adventures of the church' with Marjory McPherson. Lots of wee insights and passion for the church suggesting that we are natuarlly moving perhaps to a more informal model of church as younger generations (millennials and Gen Y) don't have the same kind of weekly black and white loyalty towards things today but will naturally, and without guilt, visit different denominations for different reasons. Naturally a good thing so perhaps a future for the church is working far more in partnership with each other, more ecumenical sharing, where models that do not use ministers so much (such as Methodist) come to the fore.

Another thought that unveiled itself was that perhaps the big idea for the church today is to peel back some of the rules and restriction we have in the church at the moment, and let congregations live more locally responding to the culture and traditions of each particular local community. This would led to a lot of talking within communities and others within local neighbourhoods towards partnership working.

Lots of food for thought, some of which we are already thinking interestingly!


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