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Heritage Forum tonight. It was good. We found a plan of the pews in New Kilpatrick from 1909 and who rented them. All the names of the local estates were listed and the pew rent was something like 5 shillings for all their estate workers. It was a wee glimpse into the life of the congregation 100 years ago. We're going to try and find photos of the estates and their workers and to show alongside the named pews

Then came the idea that we could draw up a map of pews today and with photos of those who sit there today and a Sunday where we ask everyone to pay a pew rent of 25p (5 shillings). We could all also wear hats as would have been done a century ago.

An idea? Bit of fun but also a link with our heritage and an example of how culture and church have changed. Links past and future and makes us think about who we are now in our community.

Lots of other good things are coming out of the forum and a whole comparable timeline that shows events in New Kilpatrick happening when other more global events were happening. Going to be fabulous.


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