Chaos Reigns

I wonder how many things we've missed as we've watched the chaos of what seems to be going on in the White House. It is all too easy to get caught up in a story where each day brings a new revelation or scandal or hearsay.

And the more others add to it, the more suspicious we become towards them and everyone. We start drawing in to ourselves so none of us in turn get drawn in to the chaos. It doesn't make for a stable and confident community.

Do you ever have the feeling that the cosmos that God created is forever trying to slip back into chaos as if chaos is our default position? I was watching a drama where someone's interpretation of Eden was that no one was thrown out of it but we began to doubt and lose confidence so we didn't see the beauty any longer, doubt tarnished the beauty.

That theory feels quite accurate these days because the chaos of today brings doubt and the doubt makes us feel we have left Eden. In truth we're still there. It is a promise we have to live by in a world that seems ever further away from that reality. Perhaps that is the one thing we can give the world at this time.


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