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Gal 3:1-9, 23-29

And so every line that divides, every cultural bias, every linguistic prejudice, every economic arrogance, every definition of superpower, every reason to use weapons, every racist slur and all religious bigotry are wiped out in one sentence: ‘there is neither Jew or Greek...’

All the ways the ancient world was defined has just been trashed. Some suggest this line from Paul is not his at all but a liturgical phrase that was already around and Paul was using something familiar to the Galatians to inform their argument about Jew and Greek and circumcision-gate.

Either way it is a simple and catastrophic phrase that has both affirmed the church and condemned it as the church has found itself on both sides of that phrase.

What other groups could you add to it...?

And any hymns you might sing along side it on Sunday?


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