Chocolate Teapots

Acts 2:1-4

What comes up time and time again in faith is the inability to actually describe what it is like when God does stuff. You can describe events if you want but everyone describes events differently depending on how they feel about it and where they were standing. You can write doctrine which is arrogance itself to suggest you have it sown up in a couple of sentences because as soon as you think you've done that you've just boxed up the one with all the imagination (I imagine doctrinarians don't always like imagination - it lets you stray in between the lines).

What the Bible does time and time again when God does stuff is offer you a story that says, "if you want to get a feeling of what it was like, then listen to this story." What that does is invites us all to live the experience which begins with the words "it is as if..." Now let the imagination run.

Which is exactly the stuff of the spirit: experience, imagination, storytelling, invitation. We don't always appreciate when things are a bit fluid but actually, that seems to be just how to describe the spirit: fluid, like smoke, like dance, like drunk people, like flames (read Acts 2 for more). Imagine everyone dancing with flames between them: can you imagine that: how does that make you feel? What does that do to you?

Well, that's just what it was like that morning...


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