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Psalm 100

Without using words how might you create a song such as described in Psalm 100? What sounds from creation, or expressions of joy, or poetry might to include?

It's not too daft a question because sometimes you feel when you create worship that you aren't safe straying from the set pattern. Of course patterns and liturgy is there to help shape and enable our experience of God but that isn't all there is.

If you look at yesterday and the mayhem of Pentecost (not our own service but the first Pentecost) structure and rules weren't there at all. It was purely experience and is was an experience that was described as people being drunk.

Not good for every Sunday perhaps but a wee insight into the breadth of understanding of worship and some of the constrictures we have imposed upon ourselves (for good traditional reasons).

But if you were to create a worship soundtrack that wasn't from the hymnbook, what might you include?


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