So, so much has been written and said over that last 24 hours and no need to add much more - it has all been said, surely!

But it is going to be a good thing, surely that politicians are going to have to talk and work with each other in order to respond to the needs of the country.

Rather than one party having lots to say in a landside bubble, or even a majority bubble, now the ones with integrity will be the ones who talk and work together.

I feel for Mrs May who has relied on too few people advising her, with a small circle of advisors. Lesson about community is that there are lots of voices to listen to: welcome to the dynamics of a congregation.

The optimist and idealist in me is saying this result might be a good thing in shaping how we can re-do our politics where we can't do anything without each other being involved.

But that remains to be seen. How has that gone so far...


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