Election win

How do you win an election? Not necessarily by counting the votes as there as so many different ways and even those who lose can often be said to have won such as the Labour party this time round or the DUP who are 'kingmakers'.

Indeed there has been much talk from Conservatives who did win (nearly) by having the most seats though not a majority, but also the most votes. But you really ought not have you cake and eat it. Either you live by 'First Past The Post' and count the seats, or you live by PR and count the number of actual votes.

Of course none of that really wins an election, or at least it doesn't feel like that this time round with the ones who came in second bouyant and those who came first depressed.

The way you win elections is how you work beyond the numbers and towards a togetherness, looking after the poorest, shaping a greater balance and reducing the gap between people. It really has nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with humanity, compassion and love of neighbour. You don't get a vote on that in the kingdom. It's all or nothing. Loving neighbour means loving neighbour!


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