Surge in Faith

Apparently religion is on the rise and it is not only Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism but Christianity too. Seriously. In fact some describe it as a surge.

Young folk today are the most altruistic generation since the second world war and are less materialistic than any since then too. People are returning to cathedrals and more adults are being baptised. This is not the finding of one rogue survey but what has been found in a couple of surveys in England.

What is certainly true is that there is a far more positive response from people when they see different denominations and faiths working together. What isn't appreciated is when one goes out on their own. That's when they lose trust.

This is something we found in our own consultation: do things in partnership. But the other things we found was that if we didn't call ourselves a church, we'd get a better response. however it has been churches and faith groups who have responded quickest and most creatively in Manchester and Grenfell and Finsbury Park so let us call ourselves the church again not to proselytise but simply, practically to love our neighbour across the faiths and throughout our community.

If you wish to help us respond to refugees we meet as a cross community/faith group on Monday next week at 5pm in New Kilpatrick, but we do a whole host of other things too:


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