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Chocolate Teapots Children Stories (Not children's stories but stories of children)

There are quite a number to children characters in the bible all across the testaments, from Moses and Samuel and David to Jesus and Jairus' daughter and Timothy. Surely this isn't by accident but an insight into what the Bible sees as important, not for now, but for the future.

One of the greatest stories in the Bible is the story of the Exodus, but even now, it is told on the question of the youngest child. That is because, perhaps, the future of our communities and societies lie in the sense of justice and freedom and peace that our children grow up with. That is why this story is begun with a child's question.

But also surely it is why we tell all our faith stories to our children. Too often we turn them into children's stories. They are not but the lessons they teach are where our hopes for our society lie. It is imperative to tell these stories to our children and there are plenty of the in the bible who has had the insight, the wisdom beyond their years, and the hope that has changed a society and how it works: Naaman's wife's servant girl for example, Samuel in the temple for example, David in the famous face-of with Goliath. The stories we give our children hold the values that will shape their future. This weeks image by Chris Jeanguenat.


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