Roads and Books

Just a wee warning that it looks like Drymen Road at the Cross is to be closed on Sunday. We'll still be on, of course but I'm not sure the Glebe car park will be open. You might need to find the more scenic route to get to church at the weekend.

On another note, book club met tonight and we had a good discussion about last months book which only 50% of us finished (excluding me) but had a good discussion about racism and how different generations see the world and wondered how the church responds to that. We keep thinking we 'have to modernise' with music and technology to attract but we probably don't. What we more likely need to do is be more honest, welcoming, and offer a greater sense of belonging in community... and it just so happens that these last two will be what we explore on Sunday in church at 9.30 and 10.30 as we look at Shepherd and Sheep stories.

Who would have known the whole week is like a seamless garment leading to Sunday!


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