Chocolate Teapots

Chocolate Teapots

Esther 3:13-14, 4:9-14

Not a book many of us have read, or may have done but probably a long time ago. We're going for the risk-taking angle on Sunday - a fine way to begin the new session.

Of course risk-taking is an everyday occurrence for us though it isn't one of the gifts of the church at the moment. It happens in lots of places locally; I'm hearing of many wee local initiatives that take congregations into places they haven't been before and dare to plant seeds, but the institutional body of the church generally is rather risk-averse.

Of course there are new initiatives but the general feeling is that nationally there is a lot of fear about the future. Surely then it is the very time to take risks? We have nothing to lose. The way we've been doing things up to now isn't drawing in folk or engaging with them so now it the moment of risk taking and opportunity grasping. It is found to be happening far more locally than nationally. It is where the church truly is, including our own congregation. We're living in the echo of Esther. Not a bad person to be our role model.

On Sunday we take the risk of baptism, story telling and daring to live such a gospel. Who dare's join us? 10.30 for everyone.


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