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Psalm 30

Sometimes the bible gives us difficult passages, not that they are complicated or controversial, or that they offer stories about a God that seems so different from the one we experience, or even that they are passages that take us into a different cultural worldview but because they are so ordinary.

Psalm 30 is case in point. A psalm of thanksgiving, but how can we in the times when we hurt or grieve or fear? Reading this psalm on Sunday will be difficult because there will be those there who cannot yet hear these words of thanksgiving.

Perhaps the bible's words are to be read prophetically, and that those who can, read them for those who cannot as words of vision and intent and longing.

You cannot say thanks with any integrity when pain is too much. Surely it is then that God's People read them for those who cannot, the same way we sing the songs of those who are silenced, or break bread with those who have not been given justice. It is both pastoral and prophetic which is a gospel combination you won't find in many other places. Sharing God's gift of love in our neighbour's difficult times.


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