Fast Food Communion

Sunday Evening - 6.30 - In the chapel

One of our unique settings and liturgies and here's some words from it:

It is all temporary:

we live between times.

Bread is not the banquet of a settled monarch

celebrating their reign over the earth,

it is a speedy meal,

fast food

to keep us going between times,

a kingdom snack that promises something more to come.

Bread and wine isn’t an end in itself,

it isn’t arrival,

it is a lay-by meal,

a quick energy boost,

a pit-stop,

before we hit the road again

of this transitory world.

We are travelers,



who need only enough

to get us to the next lay-by;

that is all the bread and wine are.

Wheat and grain aren’t meant to be the stuff of tradition.

It is a practical meal,


and only enough,

to get us back on the road

for we are living

(if we trust any of Jesus words)

between times,

between kingdoms.

This isn’t it.

This is only the way.


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