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Genesis 1

You've got the science of Big Bang and such ideas (big explosions and energy). That's one way of thinking about the start.

You've got ancient battles between the gods and the fight over dominance and the balance between the dysfunctional relationships of those deities needing to be held in check. That's another way of thinking about the start.

In fact, these two ways cover probably every way the beginning of the universe has been conceived whether you are scientific or religious... except a third way (God was doing this long before there was a first and second way!).

When you read Genesis it isn't just a myth about creation, it is a statement of fact that the universe was nor born of violence and domination but love. The key word in Genesis 1 surely is 'good'. God spoke it, and it was: good!

There's also a brilliant bit we overlook far too often and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks opens up this idea: humanity was created in God's image. Sure, we kind of all agree and like that except in the ancient world only certain people were in God's image: the rules, pharaohs, kings. Not the common people.

The bible says otherwise. We're all in God's image. So let's take some time to work out what happens to our politics of hierarchy and power both in the church and the world...

Any hymns you might suggest?


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