Been thinking about what starts a reformation. It's just that there is a sincere lack of ideas at the moment both in our politics and church. Politicians seem to be more managers than thinkers and while Mrs Sturgeon came up with some ideas yesterday for the environment and education etc, there was no BIG idea that would really change things.

What is it like in the years and decades before big world changing ideas happen? What was it like for a generation or so before the reformation? What were people angry about, what troubled them, what questions were they asking?

Does it feel like the beginning of a reformation? If all we are doing is managing the church rather than dreaming about it, and if all our leaders, both political and religious are just problem solvers then we've lost the vision the big idea that brings new life and renewal.

I was listening to a radio programme the other day that was suggesting real progress happens when we make things that are completely unrealistic, realistic, making the unimaginable into what can be imagined. That is the very foundation of the kingdom of God, but it doesn't feel that way at the moment because we have no big, ridiculous idea to gather round and make real. We're just trying to keep things going as they are. Dare the church to dream again. Maybe it's time for another reformation.


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