So the new iPhone is out. Who's off to get one? It will cost you £1,000. I'll just say that again: £1,000. How mad is that!

But give than people will go off and buy one it shows the influence over a whole generation that smart phones (not just Apple) have had. Indeed the newest generation is called the i-generation because the big thing that has happened in their first 20 years has been the explosion of smart phones, so much so that it is shaping how this generation thinks, understands the world and responds to the world.

Apparently this latest generation (those under 20 years old) are very practical but mentally fragile. They are more likely to kill themselves than each other and have the least amount of time interacting with others than any generation. They are waiting longer to do all the adult things and lack experience and they are identified by how much time they spend on their smart phones.

We've created quite a fragile generation. How a smart phone has caused all this I don't really know except the lack of interaction with other people of different generations and beliefs and views.

Of course it isn't quite as black and white as that but it does reflect a bit on church where you'd certainly interact with lots of people of different generations. Perhaps not so much with the diversity though certainly much more than your iPhone screen.

Perhaps issues with the i-generation and church come down to relationships and how we live than and create them and engage with them. But then, that has been said again and again and again: it's all about relationships...


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