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Genesis 27:1-4, 15-23 28:10-22

We're given a quick resume of Jacob and the dysfunctionality between him and his brother Esau this week ending not with him meeting his brother at the point the story comes full circle but at the place where Jacob has his dream of a stairway to heaven.

A place of encounter, a sacred place. There are lots of them, this places and we can all recite our favourites: Iona, Lindisfarne, local coffee shop...!

Perhaps what jumps out is that it is all about encounters. There is a strand in our belief that claims God is up in heaven and occasionally intervenes. Jacob is surprised to find that very God, who has been defined by a culture and theology that seems to make God distant: no name, you can't see God's face and live etc, is ready for encounter. Indeed God IS the encounter, God is the relationship, the connection. God is not so much the other half of a meeting between two people, God is the actual meeting, the energy that brings together.

If there is any truth in that then God is found when we connect with people, when we relate to people, when we grow connections between others, refugees, strangers, neighbours, enemies. It's then we might find every place we stand is a holy place. We make it holy through the meetings we create, the connections we shape, the places where we bring people together.


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