Some weekend events coming up:

An event that helps us connect with the persecuted church in St Andrews RC church at 7pm on Saturday with speaker and reflection.

All Age Sunday School because of the holiday in the Main Hall on Sunday from 10.30. Everyone together supporting, helping, sharing.

Lacuna Service where the spirit can create a curve in time and place to meet us in the gaps, which is what lacuna means: the space between words.

But then there is Daybreak for those with some degree of memory loss on Thursday 2pm, Coffee Pot on Friday 10.30, Bridge on Friday at 6.30pm.

And everything is open to everyone. It's not a club. There isn't a membership thing going on. We are about offering opportunity for the whole community to meet in a variety of different creative ways that connect us, help us care for each other, stranger and friend and recognise when we talk of kingdom its unconditional and always open.

See you there.


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