Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster on the BBC. Anyone watching? It's a story of narcissistic destruction where two people are just wanting to destroy each other and don't care about who is in the way and that includes their son and families.

It is a web of deceit and cruelty and no one wins, absolutely no one. Next week is the finale and it will centre round something the estranged husband has revealed about his estranged wife to his estranged son. It really is manipulative abuse and of course the two of them as as bad as each other.

The obvious lesson is that no one is an island. Human nature is that by hurting one person, others are always damaged too and human nature is also such that it is far more difficult to stand outside these things and take a good look at yourself.

Hmmm, what global drama of equal narcissistic destruction that is going on right now comes to mind, and can Dr Foster not just diagnose in time but will we like the prognosis when the final episode airs next week?


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