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500th Anniversary of 95 Theses

We share communion on Sunday on the 500th anniversary of Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of Wittenberg Castle church. That's going to be an interesting combination at an interesting time in the life of our church today but we meet both: past and present, as well as future, in bread and wine.

In many ways we feel communion is a high point in our worship and indeed it is, but is it also a low point in that it is in the utter simplicity of sharing bread and wine that we begin to form community and each time we do that, we ought to 'begin again' and live out of communion in a way that is 'vernacular' for our community.

Think of what Luther did to the Word of God: he turned it into something the typical person could understand. He handed the power back to all God's People whom he understood as all being part of the great priesthood of believers. In other words, Luther was keen to make faith understandable and in touch with ordinary folk and not the means of power for church leaders.

Each time we serve bread and wine might we always reflect on how this shapes how we will make the faith community open and in touch with common folk without having to have certain knowledge to understand what is going on. Using bread and wine as the basic of community, where does that take us in building relationships with others? Use this communion service as our 'low point', the place where we can best meet folk, share grace and love neighbour. Communion in the vernacular.


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