Reformation - again

There might be a connection here between the 500th anniversary of the reformation and what's happening today in the way we understand ourselves and the condition in which we live our lives.

A theologian called Phyllis Tickle wrote a book that saw a patter that every 500 years, or thereabouts, western society underwent a huge upheaval in the way it understood itself. She may be right given how we respond to issues today and how we feel so helpless between multinationals and their tax policies, the frightening rise of populist leaders and ideas along with the increase in stress and anxiety about life that seems to be causing so much mental health issues.

We feel the environment is collapsing, economy is too, the future is uncertain and no one had a real idea on how to handle it or any way of shaping our future other than isolating ourselves from everyone else because that is what the two big western votes of Brexit and Mr Trump were based on.

It's all very depressing - seriously. The western church is in the same state. 500 years ago there were the same anxieties and feelings towards society. But then, perhaps every age at some point has felt the same.

There is something in this article that illustrates all this and given we are 500 years from the last great upheaval (ignoring World Wars - which is no small thing) perhaps we are at that point again - seriously. Society is collapsing but it isn't a bad thing. It is the opportunity to think and reflect and renew and respond to the age with all the optimism and hope our faith allows because right there at the heart of who we are, is the stuff about relationships and how to build them anew.


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