Words of reflection: a prayer, a piece of prose, a thought, you'll hear echoed in the service on Sunday.



14th July 2017 

This is how we begin on Sunday


The light had only just slipped into the day.
It lay across the Galilee lake
flat and yellow
disturbed only where a fisher’s boat
disturbed the edge
between water and light;

there the colours rippled and flashed
as nets were hauled in,

but there were no silver darlings;
no catch today

and turning towards the land once more
light on their backs
and faces heavy with shadow
reflecting the world
dull now Jesus was gone,

the growing sunrise
lit a man on the beach
with a familiar gait
and a fire
broken bread
and charcoaled fish;

and there was a chink in their minds:

was this just a trick?

Of the light,
or of heaven?

(c) RGHamilton2017





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