Voting on War

November 25, 2015

Opinion Piece - not necessarily the views of the congregation (but then we'd never sum up everyone's views into one view. It's called community)


Am I in the minority hesitating over the seeming easiness and gung-ho language of those who want to attack Isis so readily? It just seems fighting hurt with hurt and violence with violence never gets us anywhere useful, just more fear mixed up with an arrogance that we can 'win'. It scares me. It really does.


The Labour MP Dan Jarvis writes in the Guardian with great enthusiasm but with little reflection claiming the only way to respond to Isis is to attack and for which we have moral and legal backing.


I'm just not so sure. Isis has a morality that beggars belief with a fundamentalism that makes you believe someone who does not think the way you think can be killed, not just people but nations. This is an insult to Islam as well as our humanity


But to bomb them out of existence leaves me cold and questioning whose moral standards we have chosen to use. Isis are a major danger to us but will this action not just raise up more aggression towards the west? There's a misplaced confidence that since we are the west, we can win.


But where we have gone to war before and involved ourselves in conflict, especially recently, no one has given a serious thought about what to do afterwards, and that is the greater danger. We're quick to reason to go to war but slow to have plans in place about what happens afterwards. Despite all the rhetoric there is no strategy. Saying we need something in place is different from having something in place.


Should we not communicate? I don't know how to do that. I'm totally naive and talking to your enemy is not something we want to be seen to be doing, yet we did it in Ireland and South Africa!


There isn't an answer. I think what scares me most are those who think there is. So how do we respond? I really don't know but bombing must be the last response surely. Its more difficult to find how we might talk and calm each other down.


As a person of faith nothing I experience in faith says what we are thinking on doing is okay, nor that we have yet come to the point that military action is appropriate. It is interesting that we still don't know what to do with migrants who need some kindness shown to them which we aren't very good at as nation states, but going to war and feeding hatred seems much easier. I think that gap is where my faith leaves me confused.

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