Chocolate Teapots

January 4, 2016

Matthew 4:18-22

Starting a new series in 53 Stories on Sunday.


If you were some big retailer such as a computer manufacturer or clothing etc you try and get people to buy into what you are about and to create loyalty. You buy into the brand, advertise the band for the retailer yourself, free and become a loyal subject of that brand. we all do it, with enthusiasm.


Its not like that in discipleship. No one is looking for brand loyalty. There is something about call that provokes an immediate response, not necessarily to get up and move in that instant but to reason that there is a different, fairer, more balanced way of engaging with the world. The Kingdom of God, though you wouldn't necessarily call it that straight away, is very ordinary and simple. It doesn't make you into a 'mod' or a 'teddy' or a 'corbynite' or 'Thatcherite' etc. It just makes you more 'you'. It really is quite ordinary.


the only thing is that the world's idea of justice and peace and welcome are so off-kilter that what the kingdom offers seems unusual. It isn't and you know that when you recognise the call: its about you being able to be you and enabling others to be 'them' with a sense of balance, fairness and love. It really isn't a strange or unusual thing. It might actually be the most ordinary of things because is gets us right in our core and it is familiar and attractive in the way Apple and Hollister and Starbucks and Amazon isn't.


Hymn and music that might help engage us on Sunday? Or how might the reading be read: many voices, single voice, music in the background, images...? Over to you.



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