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Songs of Incarnation


There is a truth
that is sung in our hearing
but not often heard
that the promises of God
are still sung today
still given life
in the songs of the people

Faint echoes sometimes
loud protests at others
but each song of longing
no matter how it is sung
fills the world with truth
and those who have ears to hear

So let us sing these songs
ancient, from a time gone before us
and new, towards a time yet before us
for they wrap up in a hope
that the world cannot understand
that holds us through all things
and whispers
the child is on the way
the child is on the way



May God rekindle burned out lives with fresh hope
restore dignity and respect to all our lives
And may we sing this song of incarnation
in a world that seeks to hear and be loved again












My name is Samuel
the son that broke the barren hope
of my mother

Hannah her name
was once a desperate woman
who came to see no future

Yet her longing was so intense
it pulled at heaven
and sucked from it salvation

and drew it towards her
which took shape
in flesh and bone

my flesh
my bone
my breath

and in me
the salvation of Israel
and her future
are born




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