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Sunday School
For all children 3-12years old.
We begin in church for 10 minutes, be a whole family together then go through to Sunday school.
Just come along. Sit with your families and then come through to the hall. We'll show you where.
We work as an all-age group at the moment and we gather together to:
  • tell stories
  • learn things about each other
  • make friends
  • do activities and crafts together
  • play games
  • help the adults understand the world  as we see it and find out how adults understand the world too

Just come along. You'll probably know someone there already or phone Roddy, the minister (0141 942 0035) or email Liz the leader ( and we'll make sure you are expected.

Here are some of the things we get up to, inside and out.
Egg Roll (not edible)
Palm Sunday 9.30 Service
Holy Week Thoughts in Sand
Finding Crosses Among the Sand
Edible Sheep
Lent Breakfast
Best Waffles Yet
One our way to the egg roll
Making Lanterns at Light Festival
Making Lanterns at Light Festival
Waiting for Light Festival
Nativity 2016
Lost Sheep Found
Light Festival Lanterns
Stones for Stephen
Found them in the garden...
Blessed are...
Blessed are...
Blessed are...
Blessed are...
Blessed are...
Blessed are...
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