A number of folk have wondered about different ways to engage beyond ourselves especially for those who are self-isolating and who are in the 'at risk' category because of age or medication or underlying health conditions. 

That's probably quite a number of us in the congregation!!

Clearly there will be a lot less coffee drunk in coffee shops at the moment so one thought is to donate that coffee cost each time to food banks. Here's how to do that. (Remember you would also probably buy a cake too!)


“The foodbank was there when we really needed it, it was an absolute lifeline.”

The nearest local collection point is at St Joseph's Church in Milngavie. It is still open at the following times:

Friday 2-3.30pm  Sunday 12.45-1.30pm

Food Appeal

Tinned Carrots, Rice Pudding, Custard

1KG and 500g bags of rice

1LTR Cartons of UHT Milk, Apple Juice and Orange Juice (Long Life)

KCEDG Ltd,Unit 9 Ladyloan Place, G15 8LB

Open 1030-3pm Mon-Fri


Urgently required: Tinned spaghetti, tuna, carrots, sweetcorn, curry, ravioli, stew, bolognese. Sugar, instant coffee, instant noodles, dog food, cereal, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste.


Sort Code: 80-06-14

Account number: 00534755

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