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It is a deeply spiritual moment when you recognise the value of life after having a child. Words can't explain that sense of value and grace.


We would like to help you celebrate that and perhaps let you see, what we have found too, that this is a divine gift and you want to mark it and recognise the things that are beyond yourselves that have come together to make this possible. You get a bigger sense of life and awe in the birth of a child.


In Baptism we recognise the love that has surrounded and created your child from the very first moments. We call that love God (or call that God, Love).


Baptism is a sign of the love of God, a symbol of belonging to a worldwide community and a moment of hope and possibility through forgiveness and renewal for us all. It is also a sign of nurture and commitment from the congregation too who promises to help you, through all the generations of experience there is in a congregation, to help bring your child up.


You don't have to be a member of the church though we'd like you to consider what that means especially for your whole new family.


If you would like to have your child baptised then we'd be delighted to speak to you about this. Contact us by phone or email and we will begin the conversation to help you organise your child's baptism and future.



Adult Baptism


We would also be pleased to celebrate adult baptism. Adults normally receive baptism as part of formally joining the church if they haven't already been baptised as children. Please make contact with us and we can explain this more fully and get to know you better.




I baptise you in the name of the Father
And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit
The blessing of the God of Light
The Son of Love
And the Spirit of Truth
Be with you and live in your heart forever
A Baptismal Prayer
Guide this family in their care for each other
and may they live in the
    Anticipation of love
   Promise of the saints
   Hope of eternity

   Laughter of heaven
   And peace on earth

For you, Jesus came into the world:
and showed us all about God’s love;
for you he suffered and died that first Good Friday
for you also he rose again on Easter Day
and celebrated new life
and God’s way of changing everything to good
All this he did for you, little one,
even though, like everyone here
we don’t really understand it
But that doesn’t matter for:
‘We love God because God loved us first.


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