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It began on a seashore
an invitation
for a few fishers
to let go one life
and pick up another

Dare they?
Dare they let go all that is familiar
Dare they peel back the day
and let the colours in?

Dare they?
They dared!
Dare we?
Let us worship
in that daring place
where we meet Jesus
and hear his call



Loving God
Here is the place of meeting
of trysting with the possibilities of heaven
and the journey that takes
and we meet you here
God who calls us into life
into the world
onto the journey
onto the way

And the purpose?

To be who you know we can be
in the rich imagination
that you created us
always evolving
always recreating
always transforming us

called to be honest
to that love
that shaped us

and we give thanks
that you are never finished with us
always another step to take
another word to say
that is filled with the promise of transformation
that love can bring

This is our journey
this is our faith
for they are the same
and we dare follow it
never quite sure
always with some hesitation
for we need to trust you more
and believe in love more
and face the possibility of hurt and failure
as much as the new life and spirit
trusting you can bring

We are very human
in fact most human
in the first few steps
so may we pause
take breath
and make that choice
to follow you
dare you to dare us
to dare the world
to believe in that love
and shift the whole balance of creation
towards justice
and truth

Can we really do that?

dare us, O God
dare us

So be it








The Call we Have


Loving God
May we have ears to hear
in our souls
in our hearts
in the place we know as “ourselves”
you calling our name
a place that holds it
and loves it
and knows it to be
something wonderful
as beauty is wonderful
as light is wonderful
as promise is wonderful
for we are made from all of these

May we know the love that speaks it
and shapes it
and recognise the invitation it is
to be who we are
the bringing together of promise and stardust
of hope and longing
to create us and fill us
with the love
the world does not know it needs

May we know the call we have
to be fully ourselves
human to the core
yet only a little lower than the angels
enough to know
this is not all there is:
love opens up new realms
for us to travel towards
and share on the way

We give thanks
for the imagination
that made us uniquely us
and has shaped us to be
your disciples here

so may love be our bedrock
justice be our starting point
peace be our foundation
truth be our beginning
grace be our core
and hope be our cornerstone
that we may realise
we are your disciples
just as we are
fully human
and alive to the world
sinner and saint both
but we know where we come from
and dare believe where we might be going
called as we are
to be all we are
in your name
and for your kingdom

Hear us
So be it

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