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When a special guest comes to your house
is there something special gather round?

When we want to celebrate an event together
is there something special we prepare?

When we share a tradition perhaps even older that we are
is there something we put together?

When important moments come along
and we want to mark them
and remember them
and include everyone
we eat together
we share a meal
often with special food
from haggis
to birthday cake
from turkey
to BBQ’s

When people of faith gather
to remember important moments
we set a table
and bring in the wine
and break open the bread
and remember the one
who remembers us

let us gather
in communion



First Story of Communion


But let me tell you a story within a story
the very first story of this meal

It was a special time
where a meal was shared
where everything they ate
reminded everyone
of an ancient story
and of a man called Moses
who with God’s help
freed his people
who had been made slaves in a land called Egypt
and every year since they escaped
and Pharaoh let God’s people go
Jesus’ people had remembered that story
of the night God helped them escape
through the red sea
towards the promised land

And as Jesus and his friends remembered that story together
Jesus broke open a new story
because he took bread from the passover table
and said to his disciples (take bread)

“This bread now
will from tonight
remind you of me
for this is my body
broken for you
and whenever you eat together
remember me”

And the disciples were unsure
and afraid
for they didn’t understand what Jesus was talking about
and it reminded Nicodemus of that time earlier he didn’t understand

But before they could ask
Jesus took the cup of bitter wine

“This cup
is like my blood.
It is a sign of the new covenant
the new promise
between God and you all
a reminder that love will never let you go
and whenever you drink it together
remember me”

And Jesus passed the wine around

It is a story that goes way back to times no one can remember
but forward to into the future where we don’t yet know what will be
because it is about a love
that bring us together
and never lets us go

Let us share this story
this promise

Holy, holy holy God of power and might
heaven and earth are full of your glory
hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest
blessed it the one who comes in the name of the Lord
hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest

Let us share this meal together
taking the oatcakes and breaking them in two
and sharing them with others
and as we share we sing songs of faith
for each other
that remind us these are the gifts of God
for the people of God



All Age Communion

                          John 3:1-21

Invitation & Welcome


So let us all meet
at the place we meet God
where everyone is special

and take God’s meal
and share it together
everyone is invited

this table is open to all
of any church
any faith
and none

because we first belong
before we believe

so together
come to the table
there is a place for you

Hymn        Come to the table there’s a place for you


this is where God wants us to be
and from where
God sends us into the world together
offering the same welcome
to the whole world

and we do that
by taking the oatcake we are given today
breaking it
eating half
and offering the other half
to someone else
taking the sign of love
we find on this table
into the world
that needs that love so badly



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