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There once was a woman
who at the noon of day
came to the village well
and found there
a man
a stranger
and who asked for a drink of water

the stranger was Jesus
and the Samaritan woman…
well, she remains nameless

Let us pour the water
living water
and create a place of belonging
for the named and unnamed
for all who wish to drink
of life giving water



Woman @ Well

                          John 4:1-32

Contemplative Prayer


May we imagine ourselves
there by the well
the meeting place
between one stranger and another

what words shall we use
what word of faith
O God
opens us to each other
and takes down our barriers
what words… (pause)

And who is this woman
this other
who challenges us
this woman
what name shall we give her?who is she for us O God
that you wish us to face
in ourselves?… (pause)

And the water
your living water, O God
that which brings life
by reducing our prejudices
and increasing another presence
such living water
that which flows in us
for another good
what does it taste of
love… (pause)

Loving God
may we meet you
at the wells of the world
the crossing places of culture
and religion
and politics
and have thirst enough
to find you
in the gift of the stranger

So be it



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