There was a man
who was running away
and found himself
in a holy place]
though he did not know it

It was a place for dreams
and his was a stairway
straight to heaven

“Surely God was in this place”
he cried
“but I? I did not know it!”

And he spilled out:“How awesome is this place!
This is none other than the house of God,
this is the very gate of heaven.”

And like Jacob then
and every follower since
we meet in just such a place
this gateway
that welcomes all who seek and are sought


Stairway to Heaven

                          Genesis 28:10-17

One Word

may this be a space
shaped for encounter
for meeting
each other

May this be a space
shaped by grace
that forgives and redeems
us all

May this be a space
shaped by hope
that reshapes us
into who we are yet to be

May this be a space
shaped in patience
that waits for us
as we wait for you

May this be a space
shaped through time
that is layered with the ancients
and their stories
and ours

May this be a space
shaped in love
never questioning
always encouraging

May this be a space
shaped by the peace
of prayers left here
over generations

May this be a space
shaped in you
that makes a gateway
of welcome for us all

And in this place of prayer
may we shape a listening space
a silence
deep enough
to hear bead crumbs fall
and angel hair rustle
and the spirit breathe
with the love of heaven
in this place
among us all

So be it,


New Kilpatrick Parish Church

28 Kirk Place

Bearsden G61 3RT


Rev Roddy Hamilton

0141 942 8827

Scottish Charity SC012997

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