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It’s the season of toffee apple trees,
of branches streaked with strawberry jam,
dark-blue afternoons
and light-grey rain,
of skliffing
and puddle jumping,
of lawns carpeted in coffee-coloured leaves
and sunsets made of marshmallow pink,
and every hue,
a final colouration of thanks
before the light shifts towards navy
as the nights draw in.

Amid this seasonal alleluia;
creation’s last evocative shout,
we gather and give thanks
for harvest.




                          Exodus 16:1-8

All-Age Prayer

It is a big deal, O God
to say thanks
because thanks is a big deal

may we say thanks
that we have enough
but angry that others don’t

may we say thanks
that we don’t go hungry
but upset that others do

may we say thanks
that we can share everything
but confused that we don’t

So may we make this moment
a decision moment
to live with enough
and not too much
live with enough
and not worry for the future
live with enough
a discover the richness that comes with sharing

May we make our prayers
not asking for things
but commitments to doing things
with your love in our pockets
and your dream in our minds

may we life with enough love
enough food
enough grace
enough stuff
enough justice
enough peace
that others can celebrate harvest too

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