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Caught Between


Caught between old and new
between what has been
and what is still yet to be
in this crossover place
we can choose what to hold on to
what to let shape us
what experiences we need to keep
and those we need to let go

It is a faithful place
a holy place
where we can find those words
and promises
and truths
that will be our partner into a new year

May they be God’s Words
The word
among us

In this thin place
let us worship



New Year Epilogue


Between Hogmanay and Ne’er Day
is a daring place
where futures are chosen

It is just a moment
between one tick on midnight and another
but between looking one way
and then looking another
between looking back
and turning forward
that few seconds
is the place where decisions are made
of what to live towards
for the rest of the year

It is a moment
where nothing is tied down
nothing is fixed
nothing is inevitable

To turn from past
to future
moving your hands and heart
from what supported you in the past
to hold what will give support to you in the future

And that moment
is the moment of faith
not just in letting go
but deciding
what shall I hold to
what shall I point to

and it is these few moments
where futures are won or lost
Shall we resolve to do as we have always done
or shall we dare our faith to make a choice
that will challenge us
but change the world;
tire us
but give life to others;
weaken us
but strengthen our neighbours.

May you be blessed
in your moment of faith
between the ticking towards midnight
and find the future
a strength
a hope
a fresh place to meet
the kingdom
in the one who is there
between Hogmanay and Ne’er Day
ready to travel
into the unmade days
of this new year




                          John 1:19-34


What shall we lay down
and what shall we pick up

What shall we follow
and what shall we un-follow

What shall we speak out about
and what shall we remain silent for


What have we learned
and what have we unlearned

What have we grown into
and what have we grown out of

What have we believed
and what have we rejected


In this crossing moment between years, O God
what shall you say
and what shall you un-say
what word shall love give us
and what word shall Love take from us
that call will justice offer
and what invitation will grace make?

And what shall you become in us
O Emmanuel?

May we make space in our being
our believing
our behaving in the world
to make space for such kingdom things
and let them
moves us into the world
as your light
your longing
your community
you communion
your possibility
your presence

May we find the blessing
love shapes us to be
So be it

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