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May this place be today
a turning place for us
from water to wine
from routine to celebration
from mundane to adventure

a turning place
from ritual to kingdom
from silence to word
from worry to support

and may we turn to the one
who calls us here
to find today’s new adventure
in the great adventure of faith

May this be a turning place
where we turn towards God



Cana Wine

                          John 2:1-11


Welcome to church:
not a place,
but an invitation;
not a building,
but a way of engaging;
not a service,
but a way of serving;
not an institution,
but a path to adventure.

In this new year
let us gather
and welcome each other
make space of all
decide to love more
and break the rules of the world
with the generosity of the kingdom

And if anyone asks
or ‘how?’
or ‘what does it all mean?'
simply use Jesus’ own words:

Come and see

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