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on leaving home
you cannot help
but enter somewhere you’ve never been

that moment of crossing
between familiar and adventure
is filled with sacred possibility
and stories to be told
in every footprint in the sand

The blessing reveals itself
between two steps:
you have moved from a place shaped by memories
to a place filled with new arguments
deciding which way to journey
when there are no familiar stories to tell

Some border blessings are escapes
from that urge your mind wants to deny
calling you to one thing
when your body wants another

others bring freedom
and an enlarging sense of possibility

borders are change-places
where unknown consequences are chosen
and promise adventure and fear

so between shore and sea
and storm and calm
and fish and beach
and vine and Nineveh
sleep and wake
yes or no
the whole kingdom can rise or fall

may you bless such sacred moments
found in the stepping
across the border
each moment offers.








Jonah (NL)


She sells sea shells on the sea shore
But Jonah wasn’t interested
He was on his way
to being as far away from God
as possible
and he wouldn’t let storms and giant fish stand
or swim
in his way

But God is everywhere
God’s love is found everywhere
God’s grace and forgiveness, everywhere
there is no where to run
so come to where the presence and love of God
waits for us to stop running
and welcome us home

Let us worship

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