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May love and generosity
come together here
and make a doorway
into the kingdom

May grace and welcome
get tangled here
and become a gateway
into God’s Realm

May question and daring
meet here
and shape a pathway
to the reign of God

may this be a meeting place
of earth and heaven
and we will worship
in the great ‘yes’ of heaven
who welcomes all
with love



The Ethiopian

                            Acts 8:26-39

Loving God
May our meeting places
be filled with heaven
and the possibility
that this moment
is new
and renewed
through grace
and hope

and that we meet you here
in this new moment
and be renewed
by such love
that forgives
and fill with hope again

So because we come here
as we are
and because we are a mixture of longing and worry
pain and hope
may we find here
the place
where renewal makes us
in word
or song
or in relationships with each other
all held by you
and a love
grater than anything else

Loving God
who has a habit of meeting people on the road
in unexpected places
in sudden moments
may we meet here
and turn towards you
in invitation
to be reborn into this day
forgiven into tomorrow
and called into the future
as your renewed
and transformed people

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