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Short runs of 4 weeks

Throughout the year.

Check order of service for current runs.

O boy, the things we do not talk about in case we get it wrong!. Too much seems to be in the hands of the ordained yet being ordained is about giving order to things, patterns, responsibility.

Here, in Think Again, the pattern and responsibility is to uncover the mystery, the barriers, the limitations of out theological thought and make God's Community a place of adventure and exploration.

Nothing is out of bounds. 

Think Again is an invitation to go where we aren't often invited, into stories and ideas, into questions and doubt, into background and context of our faith, be that historical or sociological.

The problem of evil

The future of the church

What do we believe?

Do we have any idea what Jesus was like?

Reading the bible honestly

What do we do with our questions?

God, who?

Just some of the topics we have covered in the past and there are plenty more to stimulate an honest, questioning, exciting faith for those who find the old school of how it has aye been, just dull and no longer life giving.

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