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So come my friends
to the place where grace and generosity
are ever replenished
where love and peace
never run out
and where all of us have a welcome
and a place to belong

This is an open invitation
to an open table
not a place of membership
but a place of journey
not a place of belief
but a place of belonging

Let us set the table
with the host of heaven
and in bread and wine
break open the gift of grace

The time is now
the table is ready
let us gather
in the name of Jesus Christ











On the night when generosity and grace seemed to have disappeared from the earth… and the darkness grew longer and darker… Jesus… the man of light… met with his disciples… in the upper room…

While there was conspiracy and rumours around him… while authorities moved to crush the grace he spoke of and the generosity in which he loved… Jesus took bread…

And in an act of grace that tore open heaven… he broke it saying this was his body… and that every time they broke it… in the breaking… they were to remember him…

In the same way… with generosity the world did not yet know… Jesus took the cup after supper… and said… this cup was a symbol of the new covenant… the new promise… sealed in blood… his blood… and whenever they shared it again in the future… they were to remember him…

And with such grace and with such generosity… that even on that night… the night of long shadows and selfish acts… these gifts did not run out… and still they give of themselves… for as Jesus did then… we do now…

May God be with us all
May we lift up our hearts
and give thanks to God




When a widow and a prophet meet
strange things happen
needs of present
and hopes of the future

when a widow and a prophet meet
bread becomes sacred
words become prophetic
the last loaf
becomes a symbol of God’s grace

when a widow and a prophet meet
what they share is more than bread
but the generosity of God
in a world that is barren

So let us be here tonight
where words of the future
tangle with our needs of now
and as the nights grow longer
the our hope grows deeper
we tell a greater story
of generosity and grace

When a widow and a prophet meet
bread becomes an act of defiance
against all that dulls
and word becomes a promise
of life restored

Let us meet here
and share such bread
on a table open to all
Let us gather

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