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There are cathedrals with great soaring roofs
windows that seem to gather all the light from heaven
stones that hold stories so ancient
we will never know how old

In such places
the centuries of prayer
lay an enfolding of peace upon the place

the air is different
the sound draws from a more ancient source
the language changes
and your soul notices

in all the aeons of faith
nothing changes a moment more
than the expectation of those present in that moment
who gather
and expect
there is something greater there
that all of time cannot hold

It is why cathedrals are built
to recognise such moments

We gather tonight
in a place far from being as grand
without the stories in glass of passing saints
without the hushed tones of a sanctuary’s constructed beauty
but simply
the greater sanctuary
made not of those bricks
but of God’s People

whose expectations alone
invest a place
with the greatest
of holy encounter

It is what we bring
and what we wonder at
that sets this place apart

and it is all focused
and held
in the least of beauties
and wine

and splashes

So let us shape here
a trysting place
of saint and sinner
at the gateway of heaven




Trying playing a 'Dona Nobis' in the background such as the one from Cantus

Dona Nobis Pacem: Grant us peace

Grant us Peace for Syria
For the refugee: for Munir and Sapira

Grant us Peace for Yemen
For the streets of Mosul
For the fields of South Sudan

Grant us Peace for the hungry
in the townships of Zimbabwe
and estates of Britain

Dona Nobis Pacem

And when we cannot understand love
or mix it with politics
of let is shape economy

And when we cannot understand justice
and why it cannot be more simple
and why neighbour is never a priority
Grant us Peace

Dona Nobis Pacem
for the bread and wine
and the community
and the vision
and the possibility
and the start made here
and the beginning begun
and the longing
that is heaven’s own

Dona Nobis Pacem
Grant us Peace

So be it




Setting Liturgy

Try some music in the background of this

Knead the bread, O God
with the hands of heaven

Set the table
with the cloth from the graveside

Speak the word
from the word that rolled the stone away

Gather the people
from those who believe the talk: God is here

Fold up the darkness
in the secrets of light

Pour the wine
and make a goblet of promise

Free the rumour
in those that believe

Bend the world
towards this meeting place

And open heaven
in this and every waiting moment

Come Spirit
in the way you do
with grace and imagination
that dares to turn the corner of every moment
to reveal the promise
placed there

Come God
always here
as old and older than patience herself
expecting us
expecting us
waiting now

Come Jesus
bread broken
and wine poured
Come Jesus
host on the table
and the table’s host
Come Jesus
here with us now




It is bread
it is wine

It is an invitation
to share the love of God
with the world

It is a community
that gathers round a table
where everyone has a place

It is a story
that speak of sacrifice and love

It is body
it is blood
and the kingdom of God

it is heaven and earths meeting place
in what is so ordinary
yet crammed full of love

It is our belonging place
so let us gather there
and share the story
the grace
the love
in worship


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